Almost Divorce Part 31- God Part 2: The WTF have I done moment finally arrives

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So I started my journal, and  used it to write down what I was feeling. The more I wrote, the better I started to feel.   Monday night after PJ returned from his trip I found myself in chat and we started talking.  We spent over 2 hours that night, just the two of us alone and chatting.  It was 8/9/10 and we spent 11:12 together during that conversation.  He was all <3’s and I adore you’s. I asked him what kind of a man he was, I told him God had been talking to me and shared some of my revelations from those summer showers.  It was a great night, with good  open honest adult conversation and PJ re-iterated that “something about you always brings me back”.   We weren’t having any sexy time, it was all words from here on out until the end.  The week progressed in a interesting manner. School was starting for MiniMe and I knew PJ was headed back to school as well.  I logged into GWP  on Wednesday  and cammed up just to hang and talk to some of my friends.  While  I was in there PJ was cammed up, but not on camera. Instead was a view of some suitcases and him walking around packing.    He saw me on cam before I could  close it, but we did well and did not talk.  On Thursday morning I was told he watched the meteor showers all night and missed me in the morning.  Friday came, his last weekend home before heading back to school.  The morning chat was no good, but by the afternoon when we talked  we spent time reminiscing about our first e-date so many months ago.   PJ was headed to the pond that night.  There was a pond near his house that was good for swimming and reflecting, it was one of our created places of escape in the beginning. We often talked about being at the pond alone and together. Pond dreams was often a code word to symbolize that happy safe place when we were struggling. He was headed there to spend some alone time, I assumed before  he went back to school.  Saturday we spent time chatting and we were having a pretty great conversation. HE said it was n’t the happy place of escape he had hoped it would be.  I imagine not when your life has been one lie after another for 5 solid months.   I made a comment about we hadn’t had a Saturday where we talked and spent time together in forever, he ended the chat abruptly with “It’s sad too, because I’m going now” .  I had long since stopped grabbing at bait like that, I said nothing and let it be. I wanted to scream, where are you going? But I don’t. 3:13 in the morning I got this simple message “do want”.   

Sunday night I get a call from The Husband, we needs Mini Me’s lunchbox for school the next week.   I run it over to his apartment, I’ve made that night drive more than a handful of times to sneak in, spend some time alone answering his numerous booty calls and then sneak back out. In all of those times I’ve never been caught there by my kids.  I  knock and he answers, I hand him the lunch box and out of n o where  The Destroyer appears at the door.  He looks up at me with those sweet brown eyes and says “I want to go home Mommy”.   He is clinging to me and crying, he wants to come home and sleep. I’m floored as it hits me, I have banished my children to an apartment for half of their lives.  I did this, with help, to my family, to my sweet innocent children.  I  mutter something as I back away from the doorstep and run to my car.  I don’t know how I made the short drive home that night because the breakthrough breakdown was in full progress. I did this to my children, for what?  There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I was chasing, there is no PJ coming into my life, there is no happy ending here.   I honestly think I moved from denial that night.  I was healthier, I was stronger, I was ready for the pain I asked God to bring and get me through.   That pain was coming in waves and waves of screaming and crying and frustrated ranting.  As soon as I get home  I only tkae notice of how very very empty and alone this huge house feels with only me in it.   I start writing.  I am alone and my soul is black, my heart is hard and angry and the cracks are starting to rupture.  I am alone and I can finally start to see all of the crappy, shitty, douchebag dick moves PJ has pulled since we began.  My heart is breaking for my kids, my heart is breaking for me. It is breaking because of what PJ has done to me, but I fucked this up myself.   That night it hit me how very much NOT  WORTH it the whole journey with him has been.   I am still trying to figure out how I feel about PJ, I am trying to give myself permission to let him go, to walk away, to run away as far and fast as I can and never look back.   That night for the first time in many, many weeks I think about the possibility of going back to my husband.  He   has started going to his own counseling, he is still willing and asking to work with me on repairing our marriage  and make us a whole family again.  I don’t know if I can love him again, I don’t  know if he can ever forgive me.   The sobbing and crying and keening goes on for  what seems like hours.

Monday comes and my mind starts to focus.  I am tired of feeling this way. I am tired of being this person, it just isn’t me. I hate feeling weak, sad and taken advantage of.   I write ” It’s time to let this go and turn it over to GOD b/c he is probably the only one who can fix it at this point”.  I get down on my knees in my home office, my chair is my altar and I pray.

PJ is still  saying and doing things like he wants to be with me, even going as far as to make a big deal about noting what kind of flowers I like to be sent, pink roses or peonies.  When he says, duly noted,  my response is something along the lines of  Yeah right,  you can’t even call but you want to send flowers?  

I started reading  Eat, Pray, Love  late that summer.    That book couldn’t of come at a better time in my life.  At first reading it was a little sickening and scary, this woman left her husband for the younger man and it didn’t even remotely work out.  Everything I am reading is like she is sitting with me telling me her personal story and it  all sounds like warnings  and I told you so’s.   Many many pages of that book talked to me and it was all perfect timing.  There is a part in the story where she realizes that a  friend she is trying to help is fucking with her.  She writes about coming to that realization.    I am going to see the movie by myself on Thursday, but it is Tuesday and I have an appointment with Tab. I’m down to bi-weekly and we discuss the current situation. She suggests that I ask PJ what kind of relationship he wants.   So later that day I do exactly that.   He has already returned to school and should already be in classes, but he isn’t showing up in the student or staff databases yet.   He had to know I would be checking.   His answer….I want you in my life in some way. I’m not htinking of the future.  I can’t handle much more than just what we have  right now.  This floors me, I don’t know what we have right now,  to me it feels like nothing.  he follows with,  The future kind of blows my mind at the moment. I’m mostly focusing on the past.   He is getting dismissive and distant again, only this time I start to see it for the game that it is. All sorts of memory flashbacks throughout my life start to hit me.  Men I’ve been in similar situations with, men I gave and gave and gave to only to continually get nothing in return.  Men who just weren’t into me but either took advantage of me because they were d-bags or lied to try to make it easier on themselves.   I am growing bored and tired of his games and at the same I I am upset he is pulling away again and so I start to chase him just a little with pictures.   They get zero response.   Wed night he is  in GWP, but he isn’t green on g-chat and he has nothing to say to me.  I’ve sent emails and he isn’t responding, even though in the last week he has said to me that he wants to be better about that.

On Thursday I go and watch  Eat, Pray,  Love  alone.  This is for the best because I cry through a good portion of it, during that movie it hits me. I AM BEING FUCKED WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I start to wrestle with what has been so obvious to everyone but me.  PJ isn’t going to be calling, he isn’t going to be visiting on weeks I don’t have kids.  I need to leave that be, I need to let go, I need to be free of his games and his lies.   If I let go and move on I can have my heart back, just like that curly haired stick figure wanted all those weeks ago.  I need to stop being so ate up over this mere child I had no business even talking to in the first place.   It is Thursday the 19th of August and I am finally “there”.  He is nice guying me, he has no balls to admit to me that he doesn’t see me in his future. WTF is  “some way”?   I am the back-up plan, he is hedging his bets, he is optioning me, he is FUCKING WITH ME!!!!!!!   I cry myself to sleep that night.

Friday morning I wake up early because I have a go-live to prep for.  It is still crystal clear for me. Everyone can see I am being fucked with but me.   I see it now.  He pops up on g-chat  with some lame shit about  “yeah we made it to Friday”.  I don’t bite, I’m busy prepping for ago-live I tell him, if you have something to say then talk, otherwise I have things to get done.    He isn’t exactly engaged in the conversation HE started.   By Friday night I am sicker than a dog with a horrible cold/flu and pretty much confined to bed all weekend only rising to check on the kids and make sure they haven’t hurt themselves or anything else.  I don’t know how single parents do it.   I had my breakdown less than a week ago on the 16th and God is working furiously and quickly in me.

More to come soon Lovies.

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