Thankful November; 8 more points of thanks

Holy moly Lovies, it’s been a crazy week.    Work is is serious full end of year push and holiday activities are filling up my calendar already.   I’m squeezing this in after a full weekend while The Husband makes a yummy  Mexican dinner;the  beans have been smelling up the house with yumminess all dang day! So let’s hit this!

12. I am thankful  for  reaching my  landing spot on PJ and no longer being consumed with grief and anger or love.   It is his Birthday today.  May  it find him  better than I left him.

13. I am thankful for Girl Scouts and being able to  make it the whole night camping with MiniMe and her troop.  Oh I don’t mean her, I mean me.  I am incredibly neurotic, though better than I used  to be, about my sleeping conditions and  earlier in teh year in April I simply could not make it through the whole night on those awful cots.   The camp is one I visited as a young Girl Scout and it is filled with bittersweet memories.  The place looks EXACTLY the same as it did when  I was 10-12 and  being there  for the first time in April was a tiny bit difficult for me.  I really don’t enjoy remembering how AI felt when I was that age, I’d been recently molested and didn’t have the best home life going on during those years.   This trip those feelings were lessened and also I was in a better place to deal.  I ma also thankful for the other Moms and girls who made it so easy to just enjoy the time and the late night Mommy bonding. I love you GS Mom’s!

14.  I am thankful that I have a career  that I enjoy and a place of employment that provides a  safe and comfortable  working environment. I’m thankful I still have opportunity to learn and grow in my potion after ten years of working there and I am VERY thankful for the 37 days a year of PTO I enjoy along with a salary that allows me to live in comfort and have money leftover to play.  I am thankful for my co-workers and project teams because they work so hard  to deliver what we need to, when we have to and no one has lost their mind quite yet.   I ma thankful for my work wife Rock Star!

15.  I am thankful for the fuzzy little creatures that provide us with unconditional love and entertain us with their antics.  Badger, our  “new” Golden Retriever is 2 now and  a calm and gentle soul who puts off an air of good guard Dog when he has to.  I am thankful for all the lonely nights he slept in my bed with me. For Gracie and  Allie, the kitties we got as a pair from the local Humane Society back before we had kids to replace Capers, who drowned in the pond behind our house the winter prior.  I can’t tell you how many morning I woke to find them sitting up like Sphinxes, keeping watch over me on either side on my pillow.  I am thankful for George, our crotchety old grey kitty who hates most people but will allow his Mommy to rub his bellly and pet him while he eats.   I ma thankful that my first Golden,  Dresden has her final resting place on Momma M’s compound and I can have a few moments with her anytime I’m there.

16.  I am thankful for . Every time I go to that site I laugh until I pee or cry or pee while crying from laughing so hard.  My current favorite

17.  I am thankful for my health. That I have a body that is capable of running half marathons, that possesses all 5 senses and has no serious ailments.  I am thankful for the gift that each and every day of life truly is and blessed that I am still here on this earth to live it.  Even on days things don’t go exactly as I’d like.

18. I am thankful for the garden I grew this year. It wasn’t a perfect or even overly abundant growing season here in the Lola Family garden, but we have  plenty of  harvest in the freezer to assist in making yummy things for most  of the winter.   and I captured enough great photos of my flowers that I can enjoy them  whenever I like. God truly created this earth to provide many shows of beauty and grace.  The mental and physical therapy  gained from puttering with the plants or digging in the dirt is priceless.

19. I am thankful that the Moon still brings me joy and  for every sunrise or sunset painted on the Midwestern sky that stops  my inner mental taskmaster and begs me to take a moment or 5 and enjoy it.

20. I am thankful for old friends. I got to spend 4 hours with one of my  college roomies, Dippy Do,  on Friday. We started in the minute she got here like  we hadn’t even been gone.  Old friends already carry your history with them, they can point out that you haven’t changed a bit in some ways and remind you that no matter how the journey of life has morphed you through the years, at the core you are still the same person. And you are still fabulous!  I love you Dippy Do and I can’t wait to catch up more soon.

I hope you all have an amazing and fabulous week filled with blessings and the joy of  family time  and/or scoring great deals on Black Friday!


Lola ❤

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