The Bitch is back and so is the bite!

Isn't the bottle pretty. It's like a happy place.

It’s Friday night and I’ve consumed a half a bottle of Riesling after a VERY long week at work.   Hell Yeah all my friends reading this are cheering, Lola is about to be on a roll.  Plus I’m listening to Too Short’s discography. In spite of my exhaustion I can’t help but smile and shake my ass to his creepy sexist misogynistic beautiful mind.  I mean really, it is hard to be mad at anything with so much talk of ho’s, bitches, ass ( in general I am assuming),  and his dick.

Tangent..going there……..The really funny thing is I can’t listen to Too Short without thinking of my college boyfriend.  Who was the absolute sweetest guy I ever met until  The Husband.   And who coincidentally I left for a guy that has the same first name as PJ.   Who also broke my heart, but in his defense I was not the …graceful mature woman … I am today. Tangent done…

I could of totally used a girls night out tonight, if I could of managed to get dressed for one.   So instead let’s just pretend we are having Girls Night and I’m telling you my big news about my week.  But first I must bitch and moan about how stressful and wonderful it was.

Not pretty and probably don't smell nice 🙂

I haven’t run in almost 2 weeks, other than a quick to the stop sign and back, so nobody has to die today run with The Husband yesterday.   I’m wearing clothes I’ve  had on for two days and in the case of the monkey top 2 nights…and I’ve been Commando!  Before I took a shower last night after the so no one will die run, I had day FOUR curls.  They had been getting curlier, and tighter, and silkier and more wild with every day since SUNDAY!  I was ready to scratch my head off lovies!  No seriously, I literally  as in with NO (well ok minimal) screwing around)  worked almost 50 hours this week.  Including THREE straight days of ten hours at the office.

On Wednesday night I stayed up way late and got up way early to take my Reddit friend Panda to the bus station.  As in at the bus station at 4:30 in the morning.  The bus station is downtown and I live in a suburb about ohhhh 15-25 miles away.  Yes I could Google it but it’s not the fucking point.   The point is it was my 2nd Reddit meet up, after BookBitch who I dearly love  because of her intense gift for the dialect of sarcasm and blunt.  She speaks BGP well is all I’m saying.   Panda and I didn’t even know each other very well but I saw on G+ that she was going to  have an overnight layover in our downtown bus station.   She is 23, we have  5 bedrooms, I can get up really early one day this week and take her to the bus terminal out of it being the right thing to do.   So she met me at my 30th hour of work on WEDNESDAY night and I brought her home, fed her (The Husband fed us both) , hung out (taught her Tonk and the 3 of us talked shit all night)  and bonded with her, got up at the crack was fucking night bitches…and sent her on her way.  Then I finished the other 20 hours of my work week.

Which went something like this……

Monday:  Hey this being productive thing is awesome I am almost caught up on project #1. This whole They used to call me Bulldog and then I lost my bite ( because I got too nice and b/c of the AD) and  now it is most definitely back, but hasn’t had a real crisis to shine in yet.

Tuesday: Hey this being productive thing is great I am almost caught up on email (570 of them) and projects 2-4.  Oh wait I forgot to mention that one of my best resources is on PTO, and I’m covering her just a few small seemingly simple follow up tasks.   Everything is under control here people, move along. Tuesday afternoon things start to….crumple slightly.

Wednesday: Hey I am a little tired but I am almost……Oh holy shit storm of fire drill caused by mis(not)communication of deadlines that are supposedly ?TODAY? and involve ALL of the seemingly simple follow up tasks I was “covering” for my resource.  My resource is the expert on these things. I am just the PM.   I firmly believe that if you don’t hate the PM just a tiny bit when you have to work on their project then they are not a good PM.  It is my job to make sure things get done when we have all agreed ( as in COMMUNICATION) they  should and must ( we were at must apparently)  to be.   It is my job to sometimes push, and fight and lobby, and negotiate and sometimes flat out pull the my projects are kind of a big deal (of  more than handful of  big deals)  around here card and throw my weight around, all while trying to convince everyone that it is all going to be just fine and dandy soon.     While  wearing the BGP and owning my end and trying not push anybody over the edge.

Thursday: More of the same only I am also dealing with critical issues for project number 3

Friday: I almost break, but manage to step back and take some control of the vendor. Things start to settle into place  and maybe even start to look up and promising for next week.  But I am too physically and mentally exhausted to do anything but lay on the couch until The Husband serves dinner. I’m still pissed I missed my 3rd rescheduled lunch with VinD and now have to wait two more weeks.

After dinner we  watch The Hobbit as a family, why is it such a sausagefest, and Hubby and I share a bottle of Riesling.    Which lands us here.

How was your  week lovies?  I think I might sleep on and have snuggle time before enjoying a nice long run… shhh it’s my pipe dream and I’m entitled to it!

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