9/10/11 12:13 Let’s spend it together, with music of course

I vaguely remember making a promise to note this event during the last one 08/09/10 11:12

Lyrics for Jimmy

Those of you that know me well, already know that  I have a thing for numbers and dates. Pinpointing  moments in time.  The Husband says it is eerie the way I  remember numbers. For me it just comes naturally.   My  livelihood actually depends on making things happen in the time and space that are allocated for them to happen, and making adjustments if they don’t.   I’m not Rainman or the girl who never forgets your  Birthday, but something in me find comfort in the logic and sense of numbers. For such a passionate emotional creature  ( yes this is code for sometimes I lose my shit) as I am, this sometimes strikes me as odd about me.   Though there is infinite beauty in math, and what it can do.  Or maybe the better way to express this is what can be done with math.       I’m not sure  of all of the little nuances of my personality and brain that are comforted or driven by this trait, but it’s part of me.

That being said I got lucky and caught 08/09/10 11:12PM last year with a friend; it was a really nice night, with good intellectual conversation.  It was comfortable and easy as things often were with this friend when lines of communication were open.    Sitting in that moment I thought  ahead to the next one. This was pretty rare for me, back in  08/09/10 I wasn’t thinking much past getting to 08/31/10 so I could be divorced.  I was living my life in weekly chunks of time, and getting  settled into my “new” life.   I wondered where I would be when 09/10/11 arrived, it seemed a universe away at the time.  It felt a little like this song, actually.

I often weave points in time together in  my mind.    So a few days ago when I remembered the impending once in a lifetime numerical moment, it time warped my mind back to the last one.   Where was my Misguided Ghost at that moment in time, what had she done, said,  promised?  Sort of like the 3 ghosts in A Christmas Carol  and inspired by this song. In my head it’s her that  travels back and forward in time while I sit here intact in the moment.   A little mental imagery piece of me out in the universe, traveling without boundaries of reality to do my bidding.   I think maybe I read too much  Time Travellers Wife,  or watch too much Hot Tub Time Machine, but it works for me and was inspired by this song.

Happy 09/10/11 12:13am and pm of  course b/c there are no plans for a separate PM post.  I’m keeping my promise with music, shrugs, why not… It’s late and I’ve been nostalgic all day, perhaps it is the sudden change of weather to Fall, which I love but has always made me a little bit nostalgic.  I think I miss the carefree days of College, I’m not sending the Misguided Ghost back there though, we move onward these days.

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