Hotel bathrooms make me extremely vain and giddy

I went away this week to Chicago with The Husband.  We saw both Alkaline Trio shows at The Metro.   There is no and..that’s all we did.  Well we did go on a nice walk in Millennium Park and do some canoodling while dangling our feet in the cool water feature.  We did go for a 4 mile runnishmostlywalk,  because I was quite not well, along  the Lakeshore Drive path. Running literally right next to the water and boats at the marinas, from our hotel corner all the way down to the museums and back.   Other than those two things we were simply there for the adventure of going to those two shows.    Part of that adventure for me is always staying in the hotel room.   Let me inform you if you haven’t already figured it out… I am a high rent girl.   I can  pseudo rough it at the Chateau in the woods for 3 or so days on one shower and no make-up.   But when I’m on an adventure, an escape. I prefer to treat myself to the taste I actually have instead of limit myself to the more moderate daily life I lead.   I would go as far as to say that The Husband and I choose to live the more moderate daily life so we CAN  go with the higher style we could afford pre-kids when we treat ourselves.    But that doesn’t mean I’m not still going to try to get that splurge as cheaply as possible.  I am the woman who breast fed mostly because it was FREE.    So lately whenever I am booking a night away for my girlfriends and I to stay downtown and hit the bars, or an escape or an adventure, I  have been scoring the BEST rooms on Priceline.    And this time was no different. I scored us two nights at The Hyatt on Wacker Drive literally right on the river.  It was an amazing river/lake view room,  we were upgraded once we got there and checked in.  I go into the bathroom and look for my favorite hotel room friend.  My frenemy, the one thing in the hotel room bathroom that no matter how hard I try to stay away , I simply cannot help but take just a small peek.  And then like the jaws of some movie vixen I am suddenly trapped in front of it for what seems like hours.   The magnifying make-up mirror.  Almost always mounted nicely on the wall right where I like it, even better if it is somehow lit.  BUT this particular bathroom was like the nirvana of all picking your face into oblivion, fretting over where did ALL those hairs come from and OMG what is that huge age spot on the side of my eye experiences that came before it.  This bathroom also somehow had magical light.  The big mirror was surrounded bu this sort of back-lit bulbs lighting that once you stepped into that bathroom you suddenly were transformed into some magical creature.  For starters it showed me the color of my eyes in my reflection better than I’ve ever seen in a mirror and only a true handful of times captured on cam.   And then it did this thing with sort of putting light on my hair.  It was suddenly being transformed into the lighting for a really expensive photo shoot for a cover shot in some fabulous magazine.   I told The Husband more than once that I wanted that damn mirror in my bathroom at home.   Add the boosted nirvana from the large mirror to the little make-up mirror.  Because it was also lit with the same soft expensive photo shoot lighting.

This is where I have to make the confession that I am a picker. A squeezer. I get mass satisfaction from gross goo shooting out of things on my skin.  I am one of those people who would Google those YouTube videos of people getting back cysts lanced.   I haven’t actually looked those videos up yet because I am a tiny bit afraid of how much I might like watching them.   When I retire I should become an Estheticion just so I can squeeze others people zits for a living.  That would probably make me very very happy for a little bit.   But not nearly as happy as squeezing and picking at my own face makes me.  And there is no better place to do this activity than in front of a great magnifying mirror in a bathroom with amazing lighting in a hotel room in another city without your kids.   I loved that bathroom.   This is my Tuesday night pony tail for the 2nd  Alkaline Trio show.

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  1. […] Hotel bathrooms make me extremely vain and giddy […]

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