Almost Divorce- The PJ Skype Shenanigans

As I was writing the what the heck is chat story I remembered three previous revelations I had involving skype.    I had these revelation after the implosion and before now. These are revelations that have been processed, and healed from, but pieces of the puzzle. They are part of the story.

I have a love/ hate relationship with Skype. LolaGW still has a Skype account.


The best you can do is clear out all of your profile information to blank and/or not viewable to public. Or you can block users from seeing that account.   I have done all of those things to that account. Skype is kind of like GW for me, I really should avoid it at all costs because it’s not a good thing…for me.

I also have a mistyped/spelled Skype account of my full real name.  Which is really kind of funny given my notoirusly bad  typing that I am unabshedly unpaologetic for.     I  actually left the original typos in that last sentence.  And I am actually starting to get a little more self critical about my bad typing, it’s on the list.  Skype claims that it would be a security violation of some sort if they were to allow anyone to actually delete their Skype accounts.  I see it as a quick deletion of a record in a database and all touch points to it but that is just me.  I KNOW the code exists to allow them to do this. They are just giant assholes that want me to always have a portal to a PJ world.   Don’t debate me on this today , I’m not rational about the subject anyway and it’s bitch week.

So out there in the interwebs is a piece of PJ he cannot make go away no matter how badly we wants to.   I doubt he will make that same mistake for his next stupid girl.   He is nothing if not adaptable to a situation to suit him.  Lovies, PJGW has a SKYPE account.   When he vanished he nuked every email address,  Reddit PJGW account including deleting the posts and pics he had up but NOT the comments he left on others posts.  There were maybe 15 total and more than half of them were to me.   On GW PJ pretended publicly that his heart belonged to me.   PJ was a GW eligible bachelor when I met him. Not yet involved in any kind of steady  fap buddy relationship with  anyone and desired by at least 2 others.  But once we hooked up that was pretty much it for both of us.  We were “PJGW and  LolaGW”, a couple within the first 2 weeks.   He remained popular and  lusted after and was probably the more liked of the two of us by other girls.  I felt I had done quite well for myself yet also had a GW mate  at or near my same social  status.

He is young: 26 now, but his looks and demeanor say I am all man.

He is tall; 6’1″-6’3″  I honestly can’t remember and that makes me so giddy!

He is pretty/adorable/gorgeous/hot/yummy/Greek God like:– all things I have seen said about him in chat and also said to me by my GW girl friends.

He has dark brown almost black but not quite hair.   And there is a lot of it. And it is gorgeous. It looks good when he musses it up on purpose or has bed head. It looks good when he  buzzes  a ton of it off for the summer, it looks good when it is growing out.  His eyebrows are bushy but not untamed, his face is perpetually scruffy.  But he looks so good clean shaven. He can grow a full beard in a little over a week. He actually looks so ugly with a full on porn stache it’s cute and sexy.   He did a lot of screwing around with his facial hair.   I never thought much of it at the time but in hind sight it’s a little creepy because they were like mini disguises and I don’t know what kind of sick sociopath he really is. He has an amazing chest of  hair and very hairy legs.  I love hairy men and it’s the perfect amount of hair. His chest hair makes this pattern on his chest, the perfect happy trail.  He has medium dark brown eyes and these damn eyelashes that only make the looks coming from those eyes more powerful.   His  smile is amazing, and his body is literally the absolute perfect combination of bigger but fit that I have  always been drawn to.  He has huge manly hands that are all beat up from supposedly growing up in small town my same state in the country and knowing how to build and/or fix all manner of things.

He has a great personality:  It seems only fair to also show you the good traits he presented to me.

He is smart and funny and witty and well listened musically.  He is educated and corporate job experienced  and has street smarts. He is much more self aware than he appears to give himself credit for.  He is well spoken.  He is  loving and always verbally complimentary.  If we were talking I  was told he  adored me, every time.  I was doll more than my real name.  On GW he was a skilled flirt, and has even  shown  my fave part of his body to multiple others along the way, but I have seen it with my own eyes  and am told that while I was not present that  if a girl he was flirting with was new and didn’t know about us would cross a line,  he’d quickly announce that “My  heart belongs to Lola” and then she would back off or down to a comfortable flirting level again.   Yes I knew this went on.  He watched it happen with my flirting and interactions as well.   So what does this have to do with Skype you ask?

Oh you found me:

I lot of GWers use Skype to chat with each other, naked or otherwise.   PJ and I started on G-chat, I added skype   at some point in time.   PJ had one too, but he wasn’t sharing the info with me.. TO be fair I didn’t ask for it.  I discover he has a skype account from either him mentioning skyping with someone or seeing it mentioned in chat roll or someone telling me they skyped with him.   I actually can’t remember exactly which is pure awesomeness in itself.   So I go looking for his skype account.  I find it pretty easily and  contact request him.    When he accepts and next sees me green( available online on skype)  he says. ”  I see you found me”  ” it wasn’t hard I laugh”  At that time he has about 6-7 contacts.  When we implode months later he has 12-13.

I didn’t type that  Lola:

OK you have to know something about me before I tell this one.    I am a deleter, a bridge burner, a get rid of more stuff than I hold on to person.   When we imploded there were logs available of every g-chat, skype or Digsby captured chat. There were  Reddit  messages, and emails  and pictures he sent me.  There was a TON of electronic poison sitting on my computer.   I am a deleter but I am also  solving a puzzle for myself. So some things that are helpful for processing, understanding, evidence I kept, but they are  printed out rather than sitting as bad ju ju on my computer.     I am also discovering this morning that I have forgotten far more of the details of our journey that I expected, this is good news.   So I don’t remember exactly when this incident occurred.    It was  after The Husband moved out. I know it was after the husband moved out because I woke up with a laptop lying next to me in bed, which means I went to bed with a laptop lying next to me. Which means that PJ and I were actively possibly often nakedly  connected at the time.    On this particular morning,  I had talked to him before i went to bed. Was likely tucked in either with or without mutual fapping and had gone to sleep with skype still logged in.    When I woke up there was a skype IM to me from him,  In came in some time between 1:30 am or so. Long after I was  asleep, tucked in by him, in bed.   It said something like ” naked already,  that was easy” .. Um WTF?  No baby I was asleep at that time, you shouldn’t of been expecting me to be naked already.  I asked him something about it on skype, it goes basically like him saying “what not me”, and me going “here is the message” and him going “I didn’t do that”.

At the time I let it go. Let that sink in. I..LOLA..LET THAT SHIT UP THERE ^^^^^ GO! Yeah, he was THAT good looking and THAT good at cam sex and dirty talk and the looking at me with THOSE EYES  and telling me everything I wanted to hear.  Oh what a powerful amazing drug he was to be on.  But it was filled with such poison and deceit.

The gee you’ve been busy PJ skype contact explosion incident:

There will come a time in this story when it is cold outside and I login into my LolaGW skype account and request PJGW as a contact.   When he accepted my contact request. It shows me he STILL fucking has his skype profile filled out proclaiming to be the real name he gave his skype contacts. It also shows me he is up to 25 contacts. So in the time since our implosion to this moment he has GAINED 12-13 NEW contacts(see note below).  Almost everyone who knew us on GW knows what he did in some level of detail.  He is not welcome there and probably not welcome to a conversation with more than a few of his GW skype contacts.  This is is MONTHS after that event.  He has MORE contacts????    “You have been a busy boy” is my thought  at the time.  He very quickly cleans this profile out of info.  Soon after we are no longer contacts again.

02/22/12- Update, my discovery of this contact explosion actually happened in July 2010, not December. He basically doubled his Skype  contacts after I got out of chat  and wasn’t using Skype to communicate with him, b/c it wasn’t a “real” account.   This was while he was supposedly not in public, but only in GWP and I was rarely in GWP.   This discovery assisted in my suspicion about his actions and intent.   So while I did have the wtf, how did you double your contacts reaction, I had it in July, not December.  Best, Lola

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  3. unlikelymom2three says:

    Why are you allowing yourself to go there?? DONT!Love you!

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