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Scroll down a few paragraphs if you are just here to find out about Reddit’s r/gonewild, what it is all about, how to post , what you can expect to see etc.

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If you are just trying to find out how to GET to chat.  I believe if you look on the right side of the page on  r/gonewild  front page you will find a link somewhere nearer the bottom than the top that says something like, click here to go to chat.

If you are the least bit interested in the story of how I went to both r/gonewild and  gone wild chat, met a  “Catfish”, and almost destroyed my life,  feel free to go back to the beginning and read the whole thing.  Be careful out there Lovies!



And now on with the original post….

This series is  published once a week on Thursday’s.  Or you can start at the beginning here

The Husband had the idea that we would go to Reddit’s r/gonewild.    He explained it as  a community within a geeks website. Users post pictures of themselves  and other people comment.  Reddit is credible with the geek community and r/gonewild just happens to be one of the many less conservative sub areas.   The pictures are of  men and women of all ages  (above 18)  shapes and sizes and everyone finds beauty in everyone, even the pics where it was hard to find some beauty of popular standards.   Reddit Gonewild (NSFW)  was more about real people porn and the mutual appreciation that human sexuality is complex and infinitely varied.  At the time it seemed safe enough, lots of people enjoy porn in moderate fashion and we would be enjoying it together, which was new.   He wanted to keep me home and find a way to meet my increased sexual needs in a safe way for our marriage.   The Husband is a pleaser by nature and back then to excess of his own personal comfort level.    He had always been an amazing husband with my emotional needs   He wanted me to be happy and he had been letting me do whatever I wanted for as long as I’d known him, and I had become selfish and careless with this.   I liked that he was going to be involved and that I wouldn’t have to cheat to get what I needed.   It seemed like the perfect compromise.   We agreed we would go for it.

Neither one of us had ANY clue what those pics would unlock or where they would take us. We had no idea the horrible things to each other we would both do.  Had no idea what hell we would put ourselves and our children through and no idea how this was going to end.  This was the start of a very dark time in my marriage, the only dark time it has seen really, this was a dark time in my personal actions and a dark time in the emotional issues I would battle and the addictions I would  acquire and leave behind.  Reddit Gonewild (NSFW) is not known as a hook-up site.  Tho I have personally witnessed multiple long-term couples born from the environment.    I’m going to tell you my story about what I did and what happened to me. This is not an expose.   I am not an expert on this site or its inner workings, these are just my personal observations as they meant to me while there.   It is my heart’s subjective and mind’s hind sight colored memories and perspective.  THERE: Have I said it enough?  OK let’s proceed.

The Husband  sets up an account.  We  had some fun taking some pictures  and he posted the pics.   These are the first of many pics posted of my parts on the internet.   Yep, There may still be now in spite of my removal efforts,  pics of younger bigger me and my parts on the internet.   I have great parts and we also learn to take flattering pics. They are well received, dudes like my parts. I like dudes liking my parts.  This boosts my ego tremendously.   This infuses my marriage once again  with lust and passion.   This plan is awesome and everyone seems to be winning.  But we sure aren’t telling anybody about it, it’s mostly our little secret.  Which means only 1-2 of my besties even know anything is wrong or needing to be fixed.   So we take some more pics.    I’m enjoying all of this amazing ego boosting these compliments are giving me and this place  is  a quick super easy dose of emotional feel good crack. It’s like constantly feeling you are hot, no KNOWING you are hot.  This confidence spills into all areas of your life.  But  like any great drug, it gets more difficult to recreate on demand, you begin to need more or need it more often.

A few days pass…

I created my account because I wanted control of  my pics and when I could do them, how I could do them, what I would wear etc.. I basically became my camera person but the Husband would often still assist if asked.  I would share with him whenever I put a new post up and he could see it and what others were saying about it.  Though I could already tell he was growing tired of how often I wanted to take and post pictures.  He wasn’t  jealous of the attention I was getting at this point,  just of my growing need and want to do them.

Now before I go any further I need to tell you how it works.  Pretty quickly we are moving to  Gonewild  chat rooms  and GW pics still go on during the chat era.    GW pics and how well ranked they are is  currency in chat world.  Chat social status can assist greatly with the popularity of your GW pics.    I wasn’t going to live a fantasy life and not play to the best of my ability.


Posting to Reddit Gonewild: NSFW means NOT SAFE FOR WORK, these are largely breast, penis, and vagina pics. Lots of some version of posed full body or story like albums and most of them don’t show a face, but many do. Some are more tame and some are not. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Someone  could write a Phd paper on this whole  journey from a social studies perspective.    Even while living it I found this world and all of its  social, relationship, sexual rules and scenarios   simply fascinating.   In some ways it’s like utopia, until reality comes in and fucks it all up.

  1. Submitters to gone wild are supposed to only post pics of themselves, if they are posting of others they MUST have their permission
  2. You must be  18 to access the site to either view or post, you prove this by clicking an I’m 18 button
  3. Submitters are usually using a “throwaway” account and have one if not multiple other Reddit user accounts for the “legit” stuff. I never bothered to create a non GW Reddit account. Anonymity is the norm around here.
  4. Submitters are required, and the site is moderated and has posted rules,  to put a tag (f), (m), (mf), (cd) etc.. in the title of your submission to properly alert the site viewers of what they will be seeing if they choose to click
  5. As with all Reddit posts, there is an option to either up vote or down vote the post itself and any comments left on the post to indicate your feelings of approval or disapproval.  These up and down votes are then put through some complicated algorithm and given to the poster or commenter as karma.
  6. Said karma is listed on each users profile page, indicating how popular, sexy, whatever their posts are
  7. The upvotes cause the submission to either climb or fall along the pages, another algorithm ranks the posts and puts them in order.   The best place to be is of course, the front page for as long as humanly possible while gaining more and more upvotes or Karma.  Since it is partially based I  “think” on original karmic status , post trending and post age, everyone  starts out lower, then climbs a little , then stays on top as long as possible if lucky, then falls off into oblivion as newer posts are put up.
  8. All of these posts (that are not deleted by the user shortly after, which happens a lot)  stay on the site, so you can look at things like top posts of all time, last month, last week etc.
  9. The karma on some of these single posts climbs upwards of 1000, which actually  = more than 1000 up votes, because bots and trolls down vote the posts causing said karma ranking.
  10. You can also find ALL of a users submissions and any comments they have ever made anything on Reddit. You can friend and follow them.
  11. When a user gets a comment  reply to his/her comment, or a private message they get what is called an orangered, aka, the little mail icon lights up orange red to indicate you have some comment reply or message.
  12. Karma and orangereds were of value to  me, I liked getting and seeing both
  13. GW comments are OFTEN used as a place to flirt more and flirt back, it is a sex site after all.  And remember, comments can be upvoted and gain karma so some people  are really clever or good at commenting. They try to be funny, or suave, or overtly  flirty. And often the submitter flirts back and eggs this on.  I  used to love this game. Bantering back and forth is one of my strengths and here in fantasy land I’m very very good at it.
  14. You can also  send email like private messages back and forth between users accounts. This would later prove to be the beginning of my undoing.
  15. There is also the variable of does the Significant Other SO know about the submitters activities, and also are they also in GW.  This variable also applies to chat.

More next Thursday

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