Limp Bizkit- Gold Cobra aka I have a new favorite song-updated 07/15

This is my new favorite album this summer. Of course as soon as I go and brag on my girls of summer Freddie boy steps in and just blows me away.  He’s evolved. It’s not just about hookers and blow anymore.   It’s late, The Husband and I need some watch Spartacus in bed time, but  I promise to write more about the whole album by updating this post sometime tomorrow. For now this is my new favorite song. This song may be my new anthem. This song is going on my play at my funeral list along with Incubus Wish You Here and Dixie Chicks Landslide.   Well done Fred.

07/15/11  I’m quite a bit late coming back to this, but in my defense it has been a banner week. 15  run miles  completed for the half marathon training,  an apology is sent into the universe and an epiphany has come.   Now on to the music.   As I stated earlier Fred isn’t all about the nookie anymore.  He has very clearly had his heart broken or maybe even realized he fucked up some things. He is still full of fabulous anger and bravado, and I like that. Angry music has always struck a note with me.  I absolutely love angry music, especially if it is of the fuck you or don’t fuck with me variety.   There are a grand total of 16 songs on this album, and I have 9 added to my  top rated itunes playlist.  I’ve been a bit spoiled musically lately b/c it seems that so many albums this year have delivered way more than the hope for 1-3 songs I might like on them.

In my opinion the best songs on this one are:

Bring it Back

Shark Attack

Get a Life- You don’t want to be my enemy  I promise  you. If you do Mother Fucker bring it on

Walking away

Loser- I’m a loser yes its true, it’s like I’m losing since I met you. Through the good times and the bad, it’s like I’m losing all that I had…. I’m losing my life away, I’m losing myself and I want it back…

Why Try

Back Porch.. It’s a party on the back porch.  Imma take you through the back door,  gonna drink till there ain’t no more

My Own Cobain-driving me so recklessly into my own Cobain..I guess I pushed away the only one who really cared.. roam around with me nowhere but in my own Cobain. I can’t believe it’s over, I can’t believe I’m broken…you know the taste of loving you is not erased.

Angels- above… You gave the love you had to spare, and in return I built an island there, when I dream I see your face, that’s when we laugh,  somewhere in outer space… the angels over me have seen me cry in agony, the angels over me they all believe this side of me.  .. I’ve been a fool, what’s done is done, I can’t erase and I refuse to run. I’m begging you, to please forgive,  my heart is true, it’s just the way I live.

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