Nothing like a live show: Motley Crue and other concerts

Me at Motley Crue

I may be listening  to the girls of summer in the car. But it’s the boys who are getting my concert funds this year.  I used to go to lots of concerts, and then we had kids and our concert going was relegated to only those bands we can’t live without.  I’d get to go to one show for a birthday present each year and sometimes we would get a sitter and go together.  The Husband and I were discussing our  personal and shared concert history with the Bad Gurls the morning after Motley Crue.  I was shocked at how many I’d attended or had forgotten I’d gone to and was sufficiently  moved to getting my list down.  I’m sure I will not have dates or years correct or even be able to remember the whole list on the first pass but here goes.

  1. My first concert was my junior year of High School during  a HUGE ice storm.  It was Great White and Whitesnake. My girl friends took me for my Birthday and  we sat behind boys from by boyfriend’s High School and I thrashed my neck and head so much it hurt for days after.  That was the year my parents completely blew off my 17th Birthday, a la 16 Candles.
  2. My Sophomore year of college I went to Vanilla Ice and some not yet big New Edition like group, and got back stage.  But that is another story.
  3. Mick and I went to Summerfest one year. I saw some bands and got the straps of my bibs wet in the port-o- potty. I did not care.  That entire trip was a good time. Come to think of it in the 2.5 years we spent together Mick and I saw a lot of concerts.
  4. Poe opened for Seven Mary Three.    All I remember is she came out on that stage right after Little Red Wagon.  The smoke started to clear from around her little go go booted blond body and she started singing Hello, she followed that up with Angry Johnny and I was HOOKED! Her Music still gives me chills.
  5. Sarah McLachlan 2-3x
  6.  Garbage  2x
  7.  Jewel
  8. Alanis Morisette
  9. Creed
  10. Offspring
  11. Soul Coughing– 1x plus 1x Mike Doughty.   The first Soul Coughing show  I was  up on the 2nd row in a smaller Venue ( the same one I met Tex the ex from FB in) with my yes I’m going to be staying here and you aren’t going to fuck with me smile.   I had the Husband with me and had already made friends with all the other guys also in the front rows.  I think I might of been pregnant with MiniMe because I distinctly remember three things from that concert.   1. I was very well guarded from being jostled by more boys than just The Husband. 2. Mike Doughty touched me and looked me in the eyes  3. I have the set list from that show
  12. Nine Inch Nails and a Perfect Circle
  13. Incubus
  14. Everclear with Avion
  15. Tom Petty
  16. John Michael Montgomery
  17. Bloodhound Gang
  18. I’ll have to leave a TBR space here, and I’ll add more as I remember them.

Last year along with the reawakening of my appetite for new music was the reawakening of my appetite for going to shows!   I wanted to go see John Mayer and Paramore and should of taken besties to both, but didn’t.  Once The Husband moved back in we agreed more concerts would be in our future.   So from that moment on  I have  been to:

  1. 30 Seconds to Mars

    30 Seconds to Mars where I also discovered New Politics.    That was a gift from The Husband who was supposed to go with his sister.  The SIL and I were close prior to the divorce and so he sent us on a girl date.  He hung up the phone after clearing with her looked at me and said “Well, go get hot”.  And so I did.  It was the first time I’d been out out since I had started running and losing weight and I felt great that night.  The SIL is a beautiful dish who can out drink most men and we had no problems making friends and getting a good safe spot to the Jared Leto action.   It was awesome to hear him scream my songs from the past summer and new ones I would later add to my collection.  The SIL and I had a great night going out afterwards and spending lots of time talking about what the past year had been like.  We needed and wanted that time to reconnect and we were both glad for it.

  2. Jimmy Eat World

    Jimmy Eat World:   The SIL and I went to this one as well. It was winter and full cold here. We drove 1.5 hours away and back in one night.  This band was the big show for me. Jimmy Eat World  Faster was the first  JEW song PJ sent me and I had pretty much stuck to  Bleed American.  He claimed to have seen them 8 times live, but he also claimed that for Something Corporate so really who knows.  They released Invented  but  I didn’t know it  and The Husband gave it to me.   I loved it and quickly gobbled up the rest of their collection.  The very early stuff is not my thing, but there are 122 JEW items in my Top Rated Itunes play list.   I couldn’t pick a standing top 5 if I had to, it depends on the day really.   As a side note Lefty calls JEW “Freddy Eats Breakfast”.    I’m in my air cast for my stress fracture but I’m still feeling pretty cute that night as it is a good hair and good butt night.  We make it there just in time to get a big drink and a good spot on the floor and out come JEW and proceeds to rock my world for the next  hour plus. And they NAIL almost all my top ten.   Not only that but there are no PJ sightings of any kind and I am not nearly as emotional about any of it as I thought I might be.

  3. Cake. Weird eyes in this one

    Cake:  This was my 2nd Cake show. Cake  comprises 51 items on above mentioned play list. But do not let that number make you think I like them less than JEW, Cake is a long term relationship with a band.  JEW is just the pretty sad and regretful boy who met the need at the time and might show to have lasting power.    I discovered Cake while living with  Mick.  When I met The Husband he wooed me with Stabbing Westward but he loved Cake as much or more than I did.   If  a couple can share a band,  The Husband and I would share  Cake and maybe a very nearly close  is  Soul Coughing.   I  have discovered that lots of boys online also like Cake, and if you can discuss Cake to the level I can, this makes them like you even more.   Even with all of that it STILL doesn’t change the fact that Cake is The Husband and I’s band.    My favorite Cake song is Jolene, which that grumpy bastard didn’t play that nightTheir opening band was not there so Cake had to open for Cake.   It was a great show that I managed to wear 5 inch stilettos 85 % of the way through.    I love dressing up  and being taken out by my super handsome and cute Husband. He’s tall dark and hairy, bigger but fit just  how I like my men.  I did  marry him in the first place after all.

  4. BGC does Motley Crue

    Motley Crue and Poison:   I have to admit that I don’t  remember going to a single all out 80’s rock show since that very first one.   And that is a darn shame because this show was amazing.   The Husband and I opened up Lola’s Bed and Breakfast for BGC and friends.    I was super excited because I was looking forward to the trip down memory lane that Poison and Motley Crue would bring. I was a teenager during this hey day. These are the songs of my youth.  It seems everyone within 5 years of my  age either way is headed to this show.   It is at an outdoor venue on a Saturday night of a 3+  day Fourth of July weekend in the United  States of America.  There is NO better time and place to see a rock show than under these very circumstances.     To make it sweeter it is hot and humid and sweaty, but there is a breeze and a storm coming and just as it starts to get darker and  Poison is finishing up and Motley.  mother. fucking. Crue. comes on.  Just at that moment the sky opens up and God puts forth a lightning show complete with a nice stiff cool breeze of  wind. The show goes on all night long until even as we were walking to where The Husband was picking us up.   Tommy Lee’s drums were literally on a roller coaster and the lights and screen and girls amazing.   And the lyrics were  just how I  remembered them all and I got to be there with girls from my  High School. These are the songs of their youth too.    My only regret was I could not get the hair as large as would have been fun.   The day just had too much put into it and I ran out of time to do much prior than throw on eye make-up and a suitable outfit.  We tried to hook up or meet up with other groups but in the end everyone did their own thing.  I bet if I asked them they’d say that rock show with that God provided lightning show was the best of either show they’d seen.  And I would agree.

Coming later this year so far is:

  1. Kid  Rock and Cheryl Crow
  2. Train and Maroon 5
  3. Jack’s Mannequin
  4. Alkaline Trio ( 3.5 hours away, we have tickets to 1 of 2 nights, may get scalped ones for night two)
  5. Journey, Foreigner, Night Ranger
  6. Incubus

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  1. tabitha says:

    I was 16 or 17 when I saw Motley Crue. Excellent concert.

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